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Who we are...and what we do

YourNewCar Ltd main office in Leeds UK

YourNewCar Ltd is an established car leasing company with a team of staff at our Head Office in Leeds, Yorkshire and we specialise in the sourcing and funding of cars for business and personal customers.

We have established relationships with manufacturers and franchised dealers covering all of the major brands.

YourFleet has the ability to provide highly competitive funding options on sourced vehicles - saving our customers money and reducing the administration burden caused by sourcing vehicles.

You might like to find out more about our service levels by looking at our Customer Care Programme and see how that was put into practice for our clients by reading some of our Customer Testimonials.

With the inherent independence that comes from the way we operate, you are assured of an impartial approach that is hard to find when sourcing or funding your vehicles in the traditional manner.

We know that what we do works for the customers we have helped so far and are sure it could also work for you. Why not let us show you what we can do?

Give us a call and we shall be pleased to do all we can to help...

YourNewCar Ltd is run by an experienced team, with extensive experience within the UK automotive industry. Over the years, the team at YourFleet have gained experience with market leaders in the following fields:

  • Motor Manufacturer Corporate Sales
  • Contact Hire and Leasing Company New Business Sales
  • Motor Finance House New Business Sales
  • Franchised Motor Dealership Vehicle Sales